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Trusted Surveyor Faster Results

 Helping Houston homebuilders save time and money on surveying.





Adam Murty

Builder Relations Manager,
Houston & College Station  

1515 Witte Rd.
Houston, TX 77080

Top Trade Relationship

Tom Jacobs, Texas Regional President for M/I Homes, details the moment he realized Allpoints was one of his top trade relationships. AllPoints does the work right the first time and never misses a deadline. They worked through major obstacles to provide a collaborative solution.

What sets Allpoints apart? 

  • Focused on Homebuilders

    We only work with volume homebuilders. We do not diversify our schedule with commercial, roads & bridges, or other retail surveying services.

  • Quick Response and Turnaround

    24 hour lead time on field tasks

  • We go where you go

    We go where you build and we’ll be there tomorrow. 

  • Modern Communication

    Electronic, real-time communication between the field and office. 

  • Dedicated & Transparent

    Dedicated to building long term partnerships built on trust and transparency 

Choose Allpoints Surveying for Your Next Surveying Project

At Allpoints Surveying, we're dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable surveying services to help builders, developers, and contractors achieve their goals. With our unmatched speed and efficiency, innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and dedication to quality, you can trust us to deliver accurate results on time and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next project.

Helping High-Volume Home Builders Make Their Mark Since 1996

  • We've been a trusted partner for high-volume homebuilders for over 25 years. Our expertise and dedication to innovation have made us a go-to choice for builders who demand the best.

Innovative Solutions to Streamline the Building Process

  • At Allpoints Surveying, we're more than just a surveying company. We also help our clients stay ahead of regulatory changes and streamline the building process by communicating with cities, counties, HOAs, inspectors, and other entities.

We're Always Evolving to Meet Builders' Needs

  • We understand that every builder's needs are unique. That's why we're always evolving our approach to align with builders' needs and utilizing the best technology available to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and improve the customer experience.

Accurate Results at an Affordable Price Point

  • At Allpoints Surveying, we're committed to delivering accurate results at an affordable price point. Our competitive pricing and dedication to quality make us the best choice for any surveying project.

One Call, Problem Solved

Past Vice President of Purchasing for Westin Homes, Patrick Mayhan (August 2002 through June 2019), discusses his experience with Allpoints and the reliably swift action taken to resolve all potential problems. With a single call or email to any one of Allpoints' team members, he always felt assured of a decisive solution delivered in a timely manner.


Adam Murty

Builder Relations Manager,
Houston & College Station  

1515 Witte Rd.
Houston, TX 77080

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Our next-day service covers a wide area of Houston. We're there for you when you need us.

Call and let's discuss how we can help. 


Builder Testimonials

Marco Cordon


"We have relied on Allpoints for the past 14 years for our surveying needs and they have never let us down! They are one of the best customer service-driven companies I have worked with in the homebuilding market. Always on time and very flexible to our ever-changing need, Allpoints truly is an outstanding company!"

Gary Free


"Allpoints has been one of the best performing vendors in our industry. Over the last four years, they have consistently performed at a high level. Their customer service is outstanding. They jump on any issue that may arise and are very easy to work with. I would recommend Allpoints for all your surveying needs."

Randy Thrash


"I’m pleased to provide Allpoints the highest recommendation for both the timeliness and integrity of their services. The quality of their personnel and commitment to seamless business integration are added bonuses."