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Allpoints Surveying performs all of the various types of surveys related to pre-construction and construction services a builder needs. When you work with Allpoints, you gain a starts team, a construction team, and a closing team dedicated to communication, accuracy, and excellence, all done quickly and at an affordable price.

And because we touch multiple aspects of homebuilding, we are in a unique position to provide valuable input on more than just surveys such as scheduling assistance and regulatory updates.

Allpoints will give you peace-of-mind and help you build faster. Check out our expansive service offering below.

Boundary Survey This survey determines and marks boundaries to define property lines and confirm the true corners of a parcel of land as detailed in a written property deed or on a drawing. The survey will be signed and certified by a registered professional land surveyor (RPLS).

A boundary survey also considers the lot and all current:

  • Easements
  • Encroachments
  • Existing structures
  • Improvements, including fences and retaining walls

Topographic SurveyThis survey is used to show the physical characteristics of a parcel of land. Our field crew will shoot and estimate a grid on a lot to establish elevations and contours, as well as show existing features on that lot. This information is reflected on a drawing that is sent to the builder.

Topographic Survey data may include:

  • Elevation information
  • Utilities
  • Improvements

Drainage SurveyThis survey is used to demonstrate how water will drain on a parcel of land. Our field crew will shoot and estimate a grid of the lot using GPS technology to establish elevations. The crew will also shoot the swale of the lot to identify its flow. Using this information, a drawing will be created that reflects these elevations and demonstrates flow of water on the lot. Using the builder’s specific criteria, a “Pass” or “Fail” grade is given to the builder along with the drawing.

Form SurveyThis survey is used to illustrate the location of the form boards in relation to the building lines, easements and property lines. It provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing they won’t have any issues with encroachments when they get ready to close the home. This step is crucial prior to digging foundation piers or installing plumbing.

Slab SurveyThis method of surveying measures the elevation of the concrete slab foundation. Any deformities, abnormalities, or deflections in the slab elevations can be identified at this time. This data will be reflected on a drawing that will be given to the builder.

Ribbon Survey Our field crew will ribbon the outer four corners of a proposed house, plus 10 feet (unless otherwise directed by builder) showing the area where trees and other debris may need to be removed on the lot.

Tree Survey Our field crew will shoot all the trees on a lot using GPS technology and an exhibit will be created to show the locations and sizes of the trees on the lot.

Elevation Certificate (Pre-Construction, Under-Construction and Final Construction): An official FEMA document used for insurance purposes that measure the differences in elevation between a home and the base flood elevation of that area, as established by FEMA maps. This certificate serves as proof of compliance with local floodplain management ordinances and can be produced prior to construction, during construction, after the home is completed, or at all three steps of the process.

A FEMA Elevation Certificate provides:

  • Flood zone determination based on current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)
  • Base Flood Elevation data verification
  • Risk assessment data for insurance companies and banks

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the surrounding areas, it is more important than ever to trust the accuracy and integrity of the surveyor providing your services. We’ve been providing the highest quality homebuilder surveying services for over 20 years. We’re proud to continue that tradition as our city rebuilds.

Final Survey This survey is performed after the construction on a site is completed. It will reflect all lot improvements, easements, and title related information related to the lot and is given to a buyer at the closing table. This is signed by an RPLS.

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Lot StakingOur field crew will identify and mark the corners of a lot with rods and flags to demonstrate the boundaries of the parcel of land.

House / Corner StakingAn expanded Lot Stake service that stakes all corners of a proposed home on a lot.

Elevation StakingA service that sets a lathe on a lot at the back of the curb to show natural ground and finished floor height, and it is tied to a benchmark.

Fence StakingA service that stakes points on the property line if it is on a radius. This is used to show the builder where to install their fence.

Culvert StakingA service that defines the location of the intersection of the driveway with the property line, and then flags that location accordingly.

Set RodOur field crew will re-stake any property corner rods that were never set and/or are missing.

Envelope StakingOur field crew will locate and flag the outer four corners of a proposed home based on the plot plan to ensure that the form setter knows the boundaries to build within. This service ensures that a form is located on the lot in accordance with the plot plan. This also includes a Lot Stake.

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Plot PlanA pre-construction drawing of the proposed location of a builder's selected house plan on their corresponding lot. Plot plans may be used for permitting purposes.

Plot Plans reflect:

  • Easements
  • Deed restrictions
  • Builder guidelines
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks & more

Lot FitA pre-construction drawing that shows whether the desired house plan will fit on the buildable area of the lot. It does not include driveways, sidewalks, calculations, fences and other details a plot plan would contain.

Matrix BooksA book created to use as a sales tool showing how a home will fit on lot. It includes a drawing of each lot in the community, reflecting easements, etc. The book also includes a drawing of the offered house plans printed on vellums. Builders may also opt for a chart that will call out “fit” or “no fit” for each plan, option, and lot.

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Builder Testimonials

Marco Cordon
VP of Purchasing, Lennar

We have relied on Allpoints for the past 14 years for our surveying needs and they have never let us down! They are one of the best customer service-driven companies I have worked with in the homebuilding market. Always on time and very flexible to our ever-changing need, Allpoints truly is an outstanding company!

Gary Free
VP of Purchasing, CastleRock

Allpoints has been one of the best performing vendors in our industry. Over the last four years, they have consistently performed at a high level. Their customer service is outstanding. They jump on any issue that may arise and are very easy to work with. I would recommend Allpoints for all your surveying needs

Randy Thrash
Division President, Rausch Coleman Homes

I’m pleased to provide Allpoints the highest recommendation for both the timeliness and integrity of their services. The quality of their personnel and commitment to seamless business integration are added bonuses.

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